7 Suggestions for Using a New Windows Laptop [Don’t Do Mistakes]

suggestions for using a new Windows Laptop

If you use a Windows laptop or computer then you need to follow some best practices for better performance. No matter you use a new laptop, you definitely use those suggestions or recommendations in your old laptop also. It really improves your laptop using experience and performance.

Many people buy or use a new laptop and doing lots of mistakes. So, if you have some doubts and want to know then you are most welcome to this post. Here we discuss the 7 best suggestions for using a new Windows laptop or system. Let’s dive into the post.

Best Suggestions for a New Windows Laptop

This post is for those people who haven’t much technical knowledge or not familiar with a Windows laptop. They only use it in their daily work. But you need to follow some best suggestions for the Windows Laptop. Here it is.

1) Sleep Mode and Restart

Sleep Mode is a very useful feature and we can use it on your Windows laptop. But many users keep the laptop in Sleep Mode for more than a week or month. It’s not a good practice, you need to shut down or restart your system.

If you keep your laptop in sleep mode, the CPU is turned on, and if you continually do then your laptop getting many problems. It also decreased the laptop speed and overall performance.

Also, make sure that the shut down is not sufficient for your Laptop. You definitely need to Restart your Laptop once a week. When you restart your system, lots of temporary files deleted automatically that are very good.

2) Startup Software

Startup software is those applications that are automatically open when the Laptop starts. We already discuss this problem in another post which is a slow down reason in Windows 10. Software like Skype, Spotify automatically open when the boot is complete. For this, your laptop becomes very slow.

So, if you don’t need to open the software automatically then you need to disable the startup software. To do that, you need to open Task Manager and then click on Start-Up. Here you can see all the programs and then choose the unnecessary applications and disable them.

3) Create Disk Partition

Disk Partition is a very important part and you should do it if your laptop not has done it. If your laptop storage not partitions with a different drive then you only have a C drive. Here most of the users store all the files like images, videos, audio, documents in the C Drive. But you should avoid it and create multiple disk partitions for your needs.

Once you separate your laptop storage with C, D, E drives then you need avoided C drive and store all your files in other drives.

Also, there are lots of laptops are come with HDD and SSD storage, here the SSD storage is used for the C drive and the HDD drive is used for the D drive. So, always storage all your files on the D drive for safety. Because once you format your system then all the files from the C drive will be erased. So, the better practice is to use the HDD drive to store all files and data.

4) Register Windows 10 with Microsoft Account

It is a pretty important thing to do when you buy a new laptop that comes with the original Windows 10 OS. Nowadays most laptop brands give original Windows OS and you should register the Windows with your Microsoft account.

It is because if you format your laptop or system then the original Windows will be removed. Here you need to purchase new Windows and then you can use the original version. But if you create a Microsoft account and link with your Windows then you no need to purchase but still, you can use the original Windows which you get when buying the laptop.

So, after format, your laptop, install the OS from the official website and then sign in with the same Microsoft account. When you sign in with the Microsoft Account then the Windows will change to the original.

All you need to do, when you boot the laptop for the first time, you need to create Microsoft with your email ID. Also, if you want to check if you do it, then click on Setting and then Account. Here you can see the details and if you can’t register then you can do it from here.

5) Update the Windows 10 to the Latest Version

It is also a pretty important task you need to do. When we purchase a new laptop then it may possible that the installed Windows 10 is old and the security patch also old. So, you need to Update the Windows to the latest version.

To do that, open Setting and then click on Update & Security. Here you can see your current Windows 10 version and the update you need to do. Connect to the Internet and then click on Update.

Another thing you need to do, after complete the Windows Update, turn off the Auto Update or Change Active Hours. Because Windows always update automatically and it consumed data and processing also. But you need to update it weekly or monthly.

6) Delete Unnecessary and Temporary Files

When we use the laptop daily, it creates some temporary and unnecessary files. For example, when we update Windows 10 or Reset our system at the same time lots of old backup files stored in the C drive.

But we need to delete all those unnecessary files. So, open the Disk Clean-Up tool and delete all the files that are not necessary. Another way to delete temporary files is to open Run and type %temp% then Enter. Then you can get all the Temporary files, select all the files and delete them. We already discussed this in the Speed up Windows post.

7) Install Important and Necessary Software

Softwares are very important for complete the different tasks. When we buy a new laptop then we only have some software and then you need to install more important software. For example 7Zip for Winzip, Vlc, Direct X, Video Converter, and more.

All those software are very necessary for daily work on our Windows laptop.


Today we try to share the best suggestions for a new Windows laptop. You should follow those tips for better productivity. I hope you like our post and if yes then kindly share it with your friends & family.

If you have any queries then comment on us. Also, let me know which one you like most. Lastly thanks for reading and visiting our website.

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