Best WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks You Need to Know [2021]

WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks

Pretty much all smartphone users use WhatsApp as a primary messenger application. I’m saying because it is very popular and comes with amazing and free features. The UI of the app is very simple and any beginner can easily use the app. There are lots of features that we use on WhatsApp for example WhatsApp Groups and here we only discuss the best WhatsApp Status Tips.

Most of the young generation uses the WhatsApp Status feature. Here you can share text, videos, images to all your contacts for example friends and family. Basically, people are using the Status feature for sharing their mood, best experience, and some special memories.

In this post, we going to provide the best way to get your friend’s WhatsApp Status and how you can make your own status with ease. If you are interested to know then you are most welcome. Let’s dive in.

Create your Own WhatsApp Status

There are lots of sites and platforms are available where you can get the best and trending status for WhatsApp. But the best thing is, creating your own status and then share it on your WhatsApp.

As we already told you that you can share text, images, videos, and gif on the WhatsApp Status. And people are love to share the videos and quotes images on the status. So, here we only discuss how you can create short status videos and quotes images easily.

Video WhatsApp Status

Video status is the best engaging and entertaining thing and we love to share interesting videos on Status. We use a short video platform [example: Reels, MX TakaTak] to find the best videos but you can create your own videos for status.

Here you need some application and footage to make the video. You can use Kinemaster or Inshot to create amazing videos on your smartphone easily. First, capture some videos using your phone camera and then edit the video on Kinemaster or Inshot.

Also, there are lots of pretty amazing applications are available like Vido where you can easily create videos. You can find all the trendy transitions, filters, effects, stickers, gifs, particle effects, and a lot more. Using those effects and advanced tools, you can easily create your unique WhatsApp Status video and share it with your friends.

Quotes Image Status

Quotes and Shayari are very amazing and we want to share the best quotes with an image. Definitely, you can get the beautiful-looking quotes image on the web. But we want to share the easy way to create them and share on WhatsApp Status.

There are lots of popular Quotes are available on Motivation, Attitude, Entertaining, Love, Romantic, and more. Once, you have the Quotes or Best Lines that you want to share then Install PicsArt or PhotoDirector on your device.

After installing the App, you need to open the app and import an image that is perfect for the Quotes. Then choose the Text tool and write down the Quotes or Lines on the image. Now, you need to choose the best fonts, perfect size, color, and adjustment.

In the PicsArt, you get lots of pre-made designs, effects, filters, particles and you can use them on the image to make it more attractive. So, all those editing part depends on you like how you make it more beautiful. Once it finished, save it to the phone storage, and then share it with your friends in WhatsApp Status.

How to Get your Friend’s WhatsApp Status Without Knowing them?

Sometimes we like our Friends WhatsApp Status and we want the status. And if you want the status then you can reply to them and request them to send the status to you. But today we going to share the trick to get your friend’s WhatsApp status without knowing them.

I know lots of application are comes with the feature which is called WhatsApp Status Saver. Also, you can find apps that only do the work for you easily. But here we do not use any third-party apps and still, we get the status. Here you need to follow some steps to do.

Step 1: Open the File Manager on your mobile device.

Step 2: Click on Setting of the File Manager and find the Hidden option.

Step 3: If it disabled then turn on it.

Step 4: Go to Internal Storage>>WhatsApp>>Media>>Statuses.

Step 5: Here you can see all your friends’ WhatsApp statuses. Copy your favorite media and paste it into another folder.

In this way, you can get your friend’s WhatsApp status without using any apps.


In this post, we going to share the best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks that you need to know and try. Here you can find the best way to create your own status and friends status without using apps.

I hope you like your post and if yes then kindly share it with your friends. Also, if you have any query then comment on us. Lastly thanks for reading and coming to our website.

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